Friday, February 25, 2011

The Craziness Just Doesn’t Stop….

Latest file with title problems: The owner got title to Gilmer County property in 1980. After running title we discover-the vesting Warranty Deed is recorded in……. the wrong county (don’t ask how long it to find that out); there is a Quit Claim Deed from the owner to the Owner’s Trust that is missing a witness (and therefore should have never been recorded); a Certification of Trust is recorded naming the Trustees but not saying if the three Trustees can sign individually or must sign all together, so we have to track down the Michigan attorney that drafted the trust Agreement; and finally, (what has made my day) I get a call that says the well may be contaminated and we don’t know if we will close or not?

            Can anyone give me directions to the nearest Drugstore?

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